A Walk In A Child’s World

Springhill Montessori School will be hosting its first ever “Walk In A Child’s World” experience for parents to take a Montessori journey through the toddler and primary levels.

Step into your child’s shoes and explore the entire continuum of the Montessori curriculum culminating in a child well-versed in self-awareness, independence and self-reliance. For a few hours on Saturday, November 7, you are invited to this very special event designed to allow you to view and interact with the Montessori environment through the eyes of a child.

During this event you will:

  • enjoy a hands-on experience of the beautiful Montessori materials that develop a deep conceptual understanding in our students
  • walk away with a rich understanding of what your child does at school every day
  • Learn more about the “spiral curriculum” that Montessorians talk about

We will start our morning with a light breakfast and a short introduction, followed by a silent walk through each of the different Montessori levels. A silent journey gives participants an opportunity to observe and absorb all the details in the classroom environment at each level. The discovery portion of our day will include an opportunity for participants to receive a lesson, given by a Springhill Montessori Guide, on the materials laid out at each Montessori level.

Join us as we begin with an exploration of the classroom environment through the lens of quiet observation, gathering first impressions as your child may have done in his or her first hours at school. As you take in the sensory richness and detail of the Montessori classrooms, you may experience the sense of order and sequence which so elegantly engages the children who work within these walls.

Following the silent observation, you’ll have a chance to actively engage with some Montessori lessons and materials at each level… and to discover the qualities that are so magical for your child. Throughout this portion of the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and share reflections with other parents and staff. Finally, we will all join together to share reflections and observations.