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I’m New To Montessori

Questions About MontessoriTo assist you with learning more about the Montessori philosophy, we have put together a few resources to help you increase your understanding of the Montessori methods and approach to education. If you are unable to find an answer to your specific Montessori related questions, Springhill Montessori School has several trained Montessori practitioners who can assist you. Please visit our staff page to send an email to a member of our team who will gladly answer your question.

So…Where should I get started?
We strongly encourage you to take a quick look at the Montessori Pedagogy to get a good overview of methodology.

Ok. I have read this material. Now what?
After reviewing the pedagogy, you probably want to speak to someone about introducing your child to a Montessori environment. Please contact a member of our staff to setup a time to visit with us. You may also use our online form to request a visit to our school.