Nido Program

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Nido At Springhill

“To Aid life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself, that is the basic task of the educator.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952)

The NIDO environment is a special environment meant to replicate the home. In the NIDO, the children will be met with warmth, love, care and respect. The adults in the classroom aide the child has he develops hand-eye coordination, grasping skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language and coordination of their body through movement.

Our NIDO program provides a comforting place to breastfeed and learn skills to aid in the development of the infant as well as weaning when ready, preparation for toileting skills, and having a gentle physical separation. Transitioning to the toddler room

Home Consultations

The NIDO program provides parent education on how to set up the home for the infant, how to care for the infant in the home environment, and how to make mobiles and developmental aids. We also provide information about infant development and age-appropriate behaviors and skills.


    • Healthy
    • Ability to drink from a bottle (if bottle feelings are needed)

Classroom specific information

      • Bring bottles/ food in a lunch box
      • Label all belongings
      • All diaper/rash/ medication/ teething aids must have a medical release form filled out
      • Breast milk/ formula and bottles are provided by the parent. Each child must have accessibility to 18 ounces of milk each day. If the infant runs out of his/ her milk, please be to bring more milk or have an early pickup day.
      • Please remove shoes before entering the classroom
      • Visiting parents are granted access through the elementary gate. Please call before visits.
      • If your child uses cloth diapers a wet bag must be provided every day. In the event a wet bag is not provided; the child will use paper diapers for the day
      • Daily reports (bottles, diapering, sleep) are recorded and available daily
      • Please provide 3 pairs of extra clothes to be kept at school

Springhill provides:

      • Bed
      • Mattress covers
      • Blankets (a blanket from home can be brought in)
      • Food/ milk storage

Parents provide

      • Bottles
      • Milk
      • Formula
      • Weaning/solid foods
      • Diapers
      • Wipes
      • Extra clothing

**Please leave your schedule open the first week your child attends school. An early pick up may be needed.

Sick policy:

Well children belong at school. We strive to keep our environment clean and as healthy as possible. Please refer to our sick policy regarding illness. Sick children must remain home for 24 hours’ symptom-free before returning to school. If your child requires a doctor’s visit, a doctor’s clearance note must be faxed/ emailed to before the child may return to school.

The NIDO program will provide all the necessary developmental aids for the child. Please leave toys, pacifiers and any other additional belongings at home.