Extended & Full Day

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Extended & Full Days At Springhill

The Extended Day Program

Extended Full DayOur Extended Day Program provides care and enrichment for toddler and primary students each afternoon. Our goal is to provide students with a meaningful extension of their school day in a safe and familiar environment. Our Extended Day Program promotes socialization and creativity in a safe, and fun, learning environment.

Daily Activities Include:

  • Lunch
  • Nap/Quiet Time
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Free play / outside play
  • Snack (provided)
  • Story time

Toddler Classroom

Toddlers and three year-olds (in their first year of the Primary Program) spend their afternoons in the Extended Day Program, led by experienced early childhood teachers and Montessori guides. Children who remain at Springhill after the 11:00a dismissal, will generally visit the playground for play and motor development. Following their time on the playground, the children will have lunch or snack and enjoy group time activities. For the remainder of their time in the Extended Day Program, the Toddler children will be invited to take a nap while the older Primary children are in the classroom. The Extended Day Program dismissal is at 3:00p.

Primary Classroom

Primary students in their second and third year of the Primary Program have an extended work schedule within the Montessori classroom. These students have progressed beyond the need for an afternoon nap, and therefore, remain in the classroom from 11:00a to 3:00p. Our Extended Day Program allows the students to work with more advanced Montessori materials including mathematics, reading, geography, biology, and history. Children may progress from Primary to the Extended Day group any time during the year.

The Full Day Program

The Springhill Full Day Program provides parents with the flexibility that is often needed to accomodate busy schedules. It allows parents to complete a full day at the office or simply run errands before picking up their child for the day. Springhill Montessori School uses the Full Day Program to accomodate working parents who need quality child-care for thier children beyond the normal school day ending at 3:00p. The Full Day Program dismissal is at 5:30p.