The Head Of School

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Our Head Of School

Springhill LogoIt was at an early age when Tangela first knew that she wanted to be involved in child education. During that time she provided child care for families and would often bring activities for the children to engage in during her time with them. The children were always excited to find out what was in her bag. It was this excitement that provided fuel for Tangela’s passion for watching children learn.

Today, Tangela carries her passion, knowledge and wisdom into the classroom to guide children in the exploration of their inner and outer worlds. As the Director of the Springhill Montessori School, she is committed to ensuring that each child’s individual needs are met so that the child may ultimately benefit mentally, physically and spiritually.

A Note From Tangela:

I am pleased that you have taken the time to learn about Springhill Montessori School. I sincerely welcome you to explore the information that we have provided as you make a very important decision regarding your child’s future. As a Montessori community, we are committed to assisting children with each plane of their development by providing a rich experience within our school environment that invites the child to follow their natural path of development; to gain independence; to be motivated from within by a natural curiosity; to interact with the environment as an active explorer; and to cultivate their own love of learning.

If we have succeeded in our aforementioned mission, then we have given the child the necessary tools to be successful within the school and outside of the school as well. Each of our staff members upholds this mission as an all important testament to the light that children provide within our world today. We then must carry this commitment forward on a daily basis; in all our activities and interactions with the children. We understand that choosing the right school for your child requires you to make a number of difficult decisions. As you formulate your conclusions we invite you to visit with us at Springhill Montessori School so that we may understand how we can meet the needs of you, your family, and your child.

Warmest Regards,

Tangela L. Levels
Head Of School