Our Philosophy

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The Springhill Philosophy

Our Mission

The mission at Springhill is to help the child follow their natural path of development, to gain independence, to be motivated from within by a natural curiosity, to interact with the environment as an active explorer, and to cultivate the child’s own love of learning.

Our Vision

Springhill is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and enriching Montessori learning environment that nurtures the child’s mind, body and spirit.

Our Goals

  • Respect children as different from adults, and as individuals who differ from each other.
  • Foster self-confidence, independence and discipline for its children.
  • Build a strong sense of community for the children and their families that seeks to perpetuate itself.
  • At Springill our classes are held 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. In general we follow the DISD holiday, inclement weather, Spring Break and academic school calendar year schedules.
  • Offer our staff a positive, rewarding, and nurturing work environment.
  • Recognize the unique and special relationship we have with our neighbors.