Our Campus

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Our School Campus

Springhill Montessori School is located just south of Downtown Dallas, in what is commonly called Oak Cliff. Our campus embraces the need for a comfortable and reassuring environment for the development and education of children. We provide a safe, beautiful and ordered environment that is prepared to support our students needs for independence, exploration, and the building of self-esteem.

Academic Classrooms

Each classroom is designed and furnished to be age-appropriate and meet the learning needs of the children. The classroom is prepared according to the Montessori philosophy and encourages the children to become active explorers in the environment.

Art Room

Our environment includes an art room which encourages creative exploration for all the children. We offer a full range of Montessori based art activities which includes painting, cutting skills and many special activities which change weekly.

Music Room

The Springhill Montessori music room provides essential space for the children to express themselves musically. It has been suggested that music can be used not only as a “window” into examining higher brain functions, but as a means to enhance them.

Gross Motor Development Lab & Gymnasium

Our motor development lab is designed to meet the essential needs of the developing child. Motor skills are integral to proper early childhood development, and this space is the ideal area for working with children in this area.Playgrounds

Our playground is designed to facilitate the need for social and physical interaction in a safe and age appropriate outdoor environment. Our playground equipment is routinely inspected for any health or safety challenges. We believe the outdoor environment is an extension of the classroom. We admonish our students to display the same courtesy and care for each other and the environment as is required in the classroom.