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Extracurricular Activities

The students at Springhill Montessori School are able to participate in a number of enrichment actviites designed to enhance the child’s learning experiences at Springhill.

Abrakadoodle ®

The imaginative Abrakadoodle art education curriculum was developed by artists and educators and exceeds the National Standards for Visual Arts Education. Each art class offers a unique educational experience. And each child’s art is as original as he or she is! In Abrakadoodle art classes and programs, children:

  • Learn about artists and artist styles,
  • Develop new skills,
  • Learn about Artists of Distinction
  • Demonstrate art techniques,
  • Explore creative art materials, and
  • Design original artwork

KinderMusik ®

KinderMusik is a developmentally appropriate curriculum for musical learning that incorporates vocal development, movement, listening, creative expression and early instrumental experience. KinderMusik helps your child explore the world with exciting games and interactive songs that foster self-expression and creativity. Tapping out rhythms on sticks, shaking jingle bells, moving, dancing and singing are all part of your child’s play in the KinderMusik class.

Cooking with Children

The “Cooking With Children” class is an opportunity for your child to gain the skills, experience and knowledge they need to meet a very real and basic need. Each child will prepare an individual serving of food for themselves and experience every step of the cooking process.

During the class, the children will expand their math skills as they learn how to measure the required amounts for each ingredient. They will increase their knowledge of science by turning solids into liquids and they will enhance their reading skills during the review of the recipes. The “Cooking With Children” class allows the children to have lots of fun while learning how to prepare delicious dishes.

Yoga For Kids

Although yoga has enjoyed popularity with adults for many years, it is only recently that we have come to understand how helpful it can be for children in their formative years.

At Springhill Montessori we believe that each child has needs that reach well beyond the physical aspects of their being. We provide yoga sessions for our students to help them practice stillness and silence in ways that emphasize self-control and relaxation. Children’s yoga is a natural and healthy way to exercise, relax, focus, and strengthen the child’s mind, body and spirit connection.

“The body is made to do yoga. Yoga postures and angles create certain pressures to stimulate the body and brain…”
Shakta Kaur Khalsa – Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga For Children

Touch Spanish

A hands-on method of teaching Spanish that has been develped within the Montessori evironment. The Touch Spanish curriculum provides simple, well organized and complete Spanish program for children.